Smocked Tops Are Still a Popular Look

05 Nov

While there are many different styles and looks that can be achieved with a few different types of clothing, there is a certain look that has been popular for many years that has remained popular for decades with some of the older men. The look is the look that can only be accomplished with a smocked top. Smocked tops were actually developed by men who were going to prison in order to provide some measure of protection for themselves and their family.

One shirt, which was designed in the 1950s was the "prison-inspired" shirt which included long sleeves and an all over design with the bottom part of the shirt being either white or blue. The top was designed to have long collars and no buttons at the front and there was also a small slit through which a prisoner would slip his hands into when working. There were no collar and the button on the back of the shirt had a hole through it. This was a popular look with many men who were going to prison as this was very simple and easy to pull off.

The reason why the shirt became known as the Prison-inspired top was because it was the top that was designed to protect the wearer from the sun and heat when he was outside the confines of the prison. Some of the other things that were found on the top included a bar code that was sewn into the fabric. This allowed the prisoner to identify the guards by name so that when his cell was opened for him, he could tell who was who without looking through the bars.

The Prison-inspired tops also featured large, solid stripes that made it easy to see through the shirt and into the pants. The stripes were used to keep the prisoner's pants tucked away underneath his shirt so that they would not be seen.

The Prison-inspired shirts are still very popular among men who are in the armed forces, as well as other people who work in the security field. The look is extremely popular today as men who want to look more sophisticated are choosing the more subdued look. They can still get that same look without having to spend a lot of money or worry about their clothes being exposed to the elements. It's a look that will work just fine for any man.

When shopping for your smocked tops, keep in mind that it should be something that you can take pride in wearing and look great in. Most people are not very good at dressing up and do not enjoy having a lot of extra work put on their chest area. So while the top looks nice, it might not be the best choice for every man, it is a good choice for those men who would like to dress up but who may not like to go overboard and end up looking too silly. With their shirts.

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